• Gnarly Tree

    Gnarly tree


    Comes with 4 Gnarly Trees per order


    We have 3 sizes available, small, medium, and large, represnted by the scale. You can order different sized scales to mix togehter regardless of game scale to create different random sizes for a more realisic look. 


    There is a version without the face and a version with the face in the trunk, as seen in the photos. 


    Please pick which version you want when ordering. 


    "Gnarly Trees" are designed by Printable Scenery and we are licensed to 3D print and sell their products.


    All Trees are printed at 200 microns. 



    The trees come unpainted and do not come flocked, you will need to buy flocking to add the leafs to the trees. 

    Models are printed to order, current wait time is 20 days till shipping.


    Click here to puchase the STL files from Printable Scenery.

      Face in Tree Trunk
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